Behavioral Health Assessment Software

HerdmanHealth software streamlines the assessment process and generates the narrative for you – saving you time and money.

Save 90 minutes on each assessment

Increase Assessment Efficiency

Take advantage of pre-made behavioral health assessment forms that generate professional narratives.

Get Paid Faster

We have all the tools to ensure you complete patient assessments faster, accurately and well documented.

Go Paperless

Ditch paper & pencil with electronic assessment forms that streamlines your modern practice. 

Robust assessment library

Choose from a robust library of assessment forms that streamline evaluations; from interview to documentation.

Self-assessments by email

Click “Send” and the patient receives a link in their email that guides them through the assessment questions.


Reduce claim delays with instantly generated narrative reports suitable for reimbursements and referral programs.

Tools you need for a whole-person assessments

Reduce interview and documentation time with pre-built electronic assessment forms

Demographic Information

Problem/Primary Complaint

Medical History

Family History

Education, Employment, Military

Behavioral Health History

Drug and Alcohol History

Legal History

ASAM Criteria

Mental Status Examination (MSE)

Collateral Information

Strengths and Challanges

Substance Use Disorder Evaluation

Covers bio-psycho-social history and functioning in the ASAM six dimensions. Add your clinical diagnosis and recommendations.

Mental Status Evaluation (MSE)

Covers bio-psycho-social history and a comprehensive mental status Exam (MSE). Add your clinical diagnosis and recommendations.

Co-Occurring Evaluation

For patients with substance use disorders and mental health conditions. Covers bio-psycho-social history, a comprehensive Mental Status Exam (MSE), and functioning in the ASAM six dimensions. Add your clinical diagnosis and recommendations.

Adolescent Evaluations

Special versions of the Herdman Assessment Forms tailored for young people with substance use disorder and/or mental health issues.

Addiction Severity Index (ASI & ASI-LITE)

A semi-structured interview designed to address seven potential problem areas in substance-abusing patients.

Have an idea?

We are your partner in change—working along side you to improve efficiency. Contact us if you have an idea for a new feature or assessment type.

Dr. John Herdman, PhD, LADC

Licensed Psychologist & Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor
CEO of Parallels, Mental Health Counseling
CEO of HerdmanHealth

“Over my 46 years of experience in counseling and running a mental health and addiction center, I found that a streamlined approach to assessment makes all the difference. Counselors are happy feeling supported in their assessment process. Less time is spent on the tedious tasks of gathering a patient’s history and reporting on what was learned. Using the HAF is a win-win for all.”

Trusted by hundreds of practices

“Herdman has equipped our practice with the ability to effectively perform various assessments that best gauge the need for each client. This software provides a safe, confidential platform in order for our clinicians to gain information needed to most accurately provide a report of the client’s current needs. Herdman’s services are efficient and provide the user with ease when utilizing their services.”

Tiffany St.John

PLPC, PLMFT, North Bossier Counseling

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