HerdmanHealth for Educators

Electronic assessment software to prepare students for careers in substance use disorder and mental health counseling

Train the next generation of counselors

We are your partner in change—working along side you to train effective behavioral health (substance use disorder and mental health) counselors. HerdmanHealth guides students through the assessment process and teaches them how to use technology in their practice.

Technology-driven learning

Help students succeed in the real-world with assessment experience, global counseling literacy and technological competence.

Improve students’ assessment skills

Students can choose from a robust library of professional assessment forms that guide them from interview to documentation.

Collaborate on assessments

Easily manage student group projects by assigning different sections of an assessment to each student – allowing them to see each other’s progress.

Manage multiple classes

Manage classes, users, and day-to-day admin easily from an all-in-one portal.

Supplement the textbook

HerdmanHealth is designed by the author of Global Criteria: The 12 Core Functions of the Substance Abuse Counselor – giving students a hands-on tool to prepare them for certification or licensure.

Teach students the whole-person assessment

HerdmanHealth is an effective teaching tool for classes on assessment, case management, fieldwork and practicum

Demographic Information

Problem/Primary Complaint

Medical History

Family History

Education, Employment, Military

Behavioral Health History

Drug and Alcohol History

Legal History

ASAM Criteria

Mental Status Examination (MSE)

Collateral Information

Strengths and Challanges

Substance Use Disorder Evaluation

Covers bio-psycho-social history and functioning in the ASAM six dimensions. Add your clinical diagnosis and recommendations.

Mental Status Evaluation (MSE)

Covers bio-psycho-social history and a comprehensive mental status Exam (MSE). Add your clinical diagnosis and recommendations.

Co-Occurring Evaluation

For patients with substance use disorders and mental health conditions. Covers bio-psycho-social history, a comprehensive Mental Status Exam (MSE), and functioning in the ASAM six dimensions. Add your clinical diagnosis and recommendations.

Adolescent Evaluations

Special versions of the Herdman Assessment Forms tailored for young people with substance use disorder and/or mental health issues.

Addiction Severity Index (ASI & ASI-LITE)

A semi-structured interview designed to address seven potential problem areas in substance-abusing patients.

Have an idea?

We are your partner in change—working along side you to improve efficiency. Contact us if you have an idea for a new feature or assessment type.

“Beyond the obvious advantages of insisting on Electronic Health Records competency in counselor training and education, the Herdman Assessment Form also helps to form each student’s individual interviewing skills, creative interpretive approaches, and a recognition that ambiguity and complexity are norms in our field. The HAF’s emphasis on simplified, integrated, and collaborative assessment and treatment planning artfully prepares students beyond mere technical prowess and lifts our emerging workforce as a whole. I can’t imagine not using the HAF in my classroom.”
Bradley T. Smith, LPCC, LAADC

Senior Faculty, Substance Use Disorders Counseling Program, Loyola Marymount University/Extension

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HerdmanHealth costs $10 per student enrolled in a class