To get started with administering the Assessment Form, the General Info TAB must completed. In order to request that the client complete the history sections of the Assessment Form remotely, the fields in red MUST be completed in order to send the client a link to complete the sections before the assessment interview. The client can also complete the history sections immediately prior to the interview in the office if not completed remotely prior to the interview. The other fields in the General Info TAB are either completed remotely by the client or completed by the counselor during the assessment interview.

The Detail Info TAB has eight sections to be completed by the client either remotely, in office or during the assessment interview. There are two additional TABs for the counselor only. The TABs are as follows

  • Demographic Information
  • Presenting Problem/Primary Complaint
  • Medical History
  • Education, Employment and Military History
  • Drug and Alcohol History
  • Legal History
  • Family History
  • Behavioral Health History
  • ASAM Criteria (Counselor only)
  • Diagnosis/Summary/Recommendations (Counselor only)